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bookmark was not found !!!!
« on: June 21, 2009, 05:00:45 am »
Hello, i have a problem
I am coding in windows XPSP3, and Lazarus 0.97, it goes good (very good i said)

well i am trying to compile in Linux (Ubuntu 9.04 Amd64) with Lazarus 0.97 - 20Jun2009

The program connects to Postgres dataserver. In windows goes rock. When i compile in Linux (compile good), show me an error

bookmark was not found

The error is when a make a query. I explain, The connection to postgres is OK, but when i try to make a query, appears that error (Just in Linux). Any idea?

i forgot, i use Zeosdb 6.64

i found that error is for

Failed to bind parameter set

i am not really sure if that is the problem, and if that is, how could i solve it?
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