Author Topic: Trailing slash keeps getting added/removed in .lpi file  (Read 1341 times)


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Trailing slash keeps getting added/removed in .lpi file
« on: May 22, 2024, 09:51:00 am »

I don't know if this is a setting in the IDE that I can't find but I'm having a problem whereas on Linux Mint a trailing slash is added to my .lpi file when it comes to the path values of <OtherUnitFiles> while Windows keeps removing it, making my every other git commit have these changes in this file purely because of this reappearing and disappearing trailing slash.

This also seems to be an issue with absolute paths as the one relative path doesn't get changed.

Woops, I accidentally posted this to the wrong sub-forum. I somehow mis-clicked on "Installation" instead of "Using the Lazarus IDE". If a mod could move this thread that would be awesome :)
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