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ScroogeXHTML for Object Pascal converts RTF (Rich Text Format) documents to HTML5 and XHTML.

This preview release features

* improved picture data extraction and optional conversion to data URIs:
  * the complimentary picture conversion code has been extended to convert embedded BMP and WMF pictures to PNG, allowing to include them as Base64 encoded data URIs, *)
  * reading pictures stored as binary data from RTF documents which use the \bin token,
* a new property to control generation of margin-top and margin-bottom styles,
* a new property to set additional attributes on the <p> element.

Users with an active subscription may request access to the preview release.

* Exports to stand-alone documents or fragments for embedding in existing documents.
* Minimizes documents using CSS and default font definitions.
* Converts hyperlink fields, bookmarks, multi-language, and LTR/RTL text.
* Includes complimentary code for converting and embedding images as data URIs. Conversion of pictures to a web-ready format may require third-party libraries.
* Includes an API for post-processing of the intermediate DOM-like document.
* Supports logging via the open source slf4p logging facade.
* Compatible with Delphi 2009 and newer and Free Pascal 3.2.2.
* Includes full source code.

* Home page:
* Demo version:

Other platforms
ScroogeXHTML is also available for the Java platform. (different feature set)

*) Conversion to data URIs currently requires Internet Direct (Indy). WMF to PNG conversion for Free Pascal not included.
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