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I try to make an app that take pictures from camera and then send them to a server by using jHttpClient. I add a jCustomDialog to hold a jCustomCamera, and then add 2 buttons at the bottom which are Take Photo and Cancel. If I cancel the camera by calling jCustomDialog.Close, I notice that the green dot at top right on my phone is still on, indicating that the camera still on, although the jCustomCamera itself is no longer showing.

I tried using jCustomCamera.jFree to stop preview and the green dot gone. But this is certainly not the correct way. I explore the and notice there is stopCameraPreview procedure which calls camera.StopPreview(). Unfortunately jCustomCamera does not have the method like this.

How is the correct way to stop preview the jCustomCamera in LAMW?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you very much.


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Re: LAMW: Green dot always appear even after finished using jCustomCamera
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First of all, I recommend you to examine LAMW's demos.
I would like to share my experience on this subject;
4 years ago, I had to write a photo-taking application for friends working in the field. Unfortunately, I have encountered situations where the photo applications in LAMW do not work very stable. I had to write it from scratch using Java via Eclipse.
It's also worth noting that I don't know if any development was made during this time.

-Detecting the highest resolution
-Address (City, District, Neighborhood, Street) Detection
-Adding location information to photo data and name
-Features such as transferring usernames to photo titles...
Note: No support for extreme wide angle Camera only!
Check out  loaded on Strava


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