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Dear visually impaired Pascal developers and not only this group of Pascal developers.
I would like to use this opportunity and I would like to inform all visually impaired developers about The opportunity to create readable GUi by The sighted person by using Lamw.
Lamw is very probably The best development strategy to code Pascal apps for Android for all groups of Pascal developers. Including beginners or advanced programmers.
Beginners will be very appreciating The Lamw opportunity to code without knowing Java or Android API functions at all. All this complex programmers work have been invested by The most elite Java and Android programmers across The globe. As a result, Lamw allow to create professional Android apps with excellent performance, low memory foot print and very nice GUI. Bundle support The most modern development trends and several Android GUi themes. Techniques, which I will publish are based on The advices from The one of The most advanced and elite Lamw developer. And my articles are based on advices, which have been published in The following GIthub thread.
I would like to use this opportunity and I would like to express my deepest possible apreciation to The MR Jose Marques Pessoa for his extreme patience with my pleas on Github.
Without his complex programmers work and without his patience, I could never start this forum thread here and visually impaired Lamw users could very probably never been able to code GUi which would be acceptable by The sighted majority.


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Here are two code samples which have been created as A demonstration by The elite Lamw developer by MR Jose Marques Pessoa.

procedure TAndroidModule1.AndroidModule1JNIPrompt(Sender: TObject);
jTextView1.Text:= 'App Runtime Layouting Demo';
jTextView1.LayoutParamWidth:= lpWrapContent;
jTextView1.LayoutParamHeight:= lpWrapContent;
jTextView1.PosRelativeToParent:= [rpTop, rpCenterHorizontal];
jButton1.Text:= 'Click Me!';
jButton1.LayoutParamWidth:= lpTwoThirdOfParent;
jButton1.Anchor:= jTextView1;
jButton1.PosRelativeToAnchor:= [raBelow];
jButton1.PosRelativeToParent:= [rpCenterHorizontal];
If somebody who is visually impaired with no sight at all would want to put more GUi elements which will be displaied on The Android device screen one below the other  there is possibility to use this code example

btnPlay2.LayoutParamWidth:= lpTwoThirdOfParent;
btnPlay2.Anchor:= btnPlay1; /// <<----- FIXED HERE!!!
btnPlay2.PosRelativeToAnchor:= [raBelow];
btnPlay2.PosRelativeToParent:= [rpCenterHorizontal];
btnPlay3.LayoutParamWidth:= lpTwoThirdOfParent;
btnPlay3.Anchor:= btnPlay2; /// <<----- FIXED HERE!!!
btnPlay3.PosRelativeToAnchor:= [raBelow];
btnPlay3.PosRelativeToParent:= [rpCenterHorizontal];
Original Github issue link wwhich I have been used to citate The code is
I would like to realisticly emphasize The fact, that only sighted person can use his brain optical perception to create The nice GUi. But I Am hoping, that The approach which I have writte here can be a big inspiration for advanced Pascal developers to improve this approach or to use it.
I would also to publicly congratulate Lamw developers that Lazarus users can use The components window to add chosen component to The Android module form when using Form designer of Lamw.
This kind access of Lamw community improve The opportunity of Lamw developers without seeing to write professional pascal applications.
It is also very important to emphasize The fact, that Lamw have been professionally integrated in to lazarus IDE. So it is possible to use The default event for many included Android GUI components.
Very practical positive feature of The Lazarus IDE is The filtering feature of The components window.
Lazarus user can type jbutton
And only this Lamw specific component will be find. And user only press on The Use button. And chosen component will be moved to The Android module1 Lamw form.
So it is not necessary to use drag and drop mouse feature.

So I would like to thank all lamw developers for their very kind approach to my pleas. And for their extreme patience with Me.
I Am deeply appreciating their kind access to my pleas because I Am aware, that The visually impaired Pascal developers with no sight at all are The very very little minority of programmers.
So it is necessary to express The deepest possible aappreciation to them.
I believe, that this little article will bring The new development opportunity for many visually impaired Pascal developers.
So they will be able to use The best features of Lazarus enterprise IDE and Lamw features.


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If screen reader users will be using Lazarus form editor when creating Lamw applications FOCUS navigation do not work at this time when using Lazarus form editor.
So TAB, SHIFT+TAB will not move The focus among previously created GUI elements. If you would create GUI LCL app for Lazarus, focus will always work and also for Pas2jswidgets.
So I Am strongly recommending to you The following approach.
Because NVDA screen reader Insert+Numericpad7 and moving by numericpad numbers will not be able to read 20 30 GUI textual items from The form.
If you will not syze them appropriately. GDI NVDA integrated hooks can not do magics. It can only fetch what is possible to get from Windows libraryes.
So rather create GUi element one by one.
If it would be possible to add The focus navigation, it would be ideal, but may be, that it would be too much complex and it may be destroied The form editor feature for Lamw projects.
But this is a small issue and may be, that it could be even fixed sometimes.


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