Author Topic: How to: Server-Sent Events with Indy ** Server  (Read 219 times)


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How to: Server-Sent Events with Indy ** Server
« on: October 01, 2022, 11:21:15 am »
In this article series, a server application uses the Indy ** server component (TId**Server) to provide a HTML page which uses SSE to update its content with data sent from the server.
The latest part of the series is available at:


Another part will follow which aims to implement some server-side example for message producing (in a separate thread) / consuming (within the ** server OnCommandGet handler).

All code was written with Lazarus 2.2. A big thanks goes to the Free Pascal / Lazarus / Indy developers for their great open source software

Indy Sockets on GitHub:


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