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New tutorial
« on: September 26, 2022, 10:21:18 am »
    This is an update for the Lazarus photo and video editing program VirtualU.
    You wouldn't believe how VirtualU has grown and improved, especially the Diagonal Object Movement page which also
handles perpendicular movements.
    More and more folks are using VirtualU and this is excellent because what's good for the goose is good for the gander,
meaning that what is good for VirtualU is also good for Lazarus and vice versa.
    Recent developments include a much more user-friendly Diagonal movement page that now works fine with only partially
visible images and the removal of all duration limitations.
    We have made a video tutorial that explains how to use VirtualU and this video can be seen by doing a search on YouTube
for VirtualU Tutorial 01 or by using the following link:
    The opening sequence of the tutorial contains examples of what the program can do including 3D overlays, transparent
video movements, edge softening, fades, dissolves etc.
    The first segment of the tutorial contains a video introduction followed by 3 chapters dealing with installation, basic
operations, transparencies, removal of AVI video artifacts (tiny transparent-incapable frame parts) and the importation and
use of high-quality animated GIF/AVI transparent movies.
    More tutorial chapters to follow.

    Download VirtualU in

    Instructions, development log reports and new versions


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