Author Topic: How to install Pas2js Gui for Lazarus Mac os x????what are the steps???  (Read 870 times)


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Dear friends,

i'm trying to install Pas2js with gui (Wform1) and create a little program....but i don't know how to install in full working the Gui for Pas2js...

I have installed first this:
Adds a Lazarus project for pas2js browser applications.

Author: Mattias Gaertner
Filename:  /Applications/Lazarus/components/pas2js/pas2jsdsgn.lpk
Current state: installed, DesignTime

but nothing works... or better i have rebuilded Lazarus and obtained the Pas2js-Widgets in the menu of Lazarus...

I'm trying to add a button in the form..but nothing works...

Before i have fixed the preference to build the pas2js program...better the compiler and the builder for linux because i have no found for mac os...

Can somebody help me to start with pas2js for Macosx???what are the steps for mac os x to deploy??? thanks a lot in advance, Lestroso :-[ :-[ :-[


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