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Scraping and GUI skills wanted
« on: October 05, 2021, 05:24:33 am »
I tinker in Lazarus, and do a lot of mathematics in it. I do fine with writeln/readln and readkey, and complex parsing of strings into whatever I need them to be.

There are three things I'm looking for:
1. Scraping odds data from sports betting websites on demand, and creating .csv files
2. Very simple GUI interfaces. A big form, several inputs, and lots of outputs lines. Perhaps there are 6 fields with variable inputs, where you can select which input, and enter a real number variable. On the same form, update with 20 lines of text (analytics that consumed the data).
3. A willingness to do paired programming. Share screens, walk me through integrating what you did with my math models.

I need to have the source, and integrate with my math. If it works well, there are other projects. It it works fantastically well, I might hire someone full time. 100% remote is fine, obviously.

I could certainly learn this, but I'd rather pay someone to do most of this for me.


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Re: Scraping and GUI skills wanted
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2022, 05:42:22 pm »
I have implemented a betting bot for real-time soccer betting on Betfair. One gets from Betfair the odds, but there is no information about the current score. This is done by scraping
So I have the practical knowledge to do your job.
I have recently retired. I have founded a charity-fund to support people who have come into financial troubles due the exploding consumer- and especially energy-prices. All the income from future programming projects will be devoted to this fund.
So I will only work for money. If you are willing to pay for my knowledge/skills please email me:


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