Author Topic: macOS upgrade broke FPC  (Read 1360 times)

Igor Kokarev

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macOS upgrade broke FPC
« on: August 03, 2021, 01:15:00 pm »
I recently had another (or similar) problem with Mac Mini M1 after upgrading macOS 11.4 to 11.5. It damaged FPC files/configuration. And I could compile only aarch64 code.

When I tried to compile x86-64 code I got an error.

I had FPC 3.2.2 fixes tree. So I decided to install official stable 3.2.2 from packages. Reinstalled FPC and now all works fine.

So it seems that even minor update of macOS may hurt FPC files.


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Re: macOS upgrade broke FPC
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2021, 01:56:58 pm »
In theory, at least, a macOS Big Sur update cannot affect user data because the system data is stored in its own sealed volume and only a snapshot of that volume is mounted and mounted read-only. The data volume, which contains user data, is not touched and is not even mounted during updates.

As for APFS data corruption - if it happens again, I would suggest running fsck_apfs. Apparently APFS data corruption is fairly common according to

I've not suffered it <touches wooden desk/> myself. I have suffered HFS+ data corruption of Time Machine volumes, though after hours of running every option to fsck_hfs, I recovered everything (amazingly).
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Lazarus 2.3 + FPC 3.3.1 2021-10-19 macOS 10.14.6 Xcode 11.3.1
Lazarus 2.3 + FPC 3.3.1 2021-09-21 macOS 11.6 aarch64 Xcode 13
Lazarus 2.3 2021-08-11 FPC 3.2.2 FreeBSD 13.0 amd64 VMware VM
Lazarus 2.1 r61574 FPC 3.0.4 Ubuntu 20.04 Parallels VM
Lazarus 2.0.10 FPC 3.2.0 Win10 Parallels VM


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