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Daraja HTTP Server Framework 2.5 preview snapshot
« on: July 16, 2021, 08:59:29 pm »
The Daraja HTTP Server Framework is a free open source library for Object Pascal (Free Pascal 3,1.0 or Delphi 2009+), based on the stand-alone HTTP server component in Internet Direct (Indy).

With the 2.5-SNAPSHOT release, most code is now single-source and more readable, there are no "IFDEF FPC" branches anymore to use the Free Pascal fgl generics library.
All DUnit / FPCUnit - based tests run successfully. The full 2.5-SNAPSHOT source, test and demo code is available at GitHub.
Demo applications cover - for example - OAuth 2.0 and Twitter Bootstrap.

More information
- GitHub:
- API documentation:
- Wiki:
- Features and FAQ:


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