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Re: Mac install
« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2020, 01:38:30 am »
I have some suggestions for the Mac section of the installation instructions. Who should I talk to about that?

I'm the last to update the Wiki macOS installation instructions for the official downloads, the svn/git source downloads and Lazarus Compatibility Matrix, but not the FPCUPdeluxe/Fink/MacPorts installation options.

It seems from the mailing list that your problem was that you failed to download the FPC source package. I modified the instructions to say (additions in bold):

Download the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) binaries and FPC source packages from the Lazarus IDE file area. When you arrive at that file area, choose the correct version of your operating system. The vast majority of Mac users should now choose the 64 bit packages in the Lazarus macOS x86-64 directory.  [...]

Perhaps that will help to ensure that both the binaries package AND the source package are downloaded.
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