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sorting in KDBGrid
« on: July 30, 2018, 10:23:18 am »
help me, pls, with sorting in KDBGrid.
If i just click on header, sorting indicator don't light, data in column don't sorted.

I try some code:
if nCol=3 then begin
//      gridOrders.SortRows(3, smUp);
      gridOrders.SortRows(3,  TKGridSortMode(Random(Integer(High(TKGridSortMode))) + 1));
      Log('nCol: '+IntToStr(nCol)+' SortCol'+IntToStr(gridOrders.SortCol) );

don't work.
I try grab KDBGrid from demo - don't work.
Flag Options-goRowSorting is checked.
Where may be problem?

May be, exist good documentation or examples KDBGrid? Help and demos from author of this component is very poor.


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