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Keep in mind I'm new to coding and Lazarus is the first program I'm using, but sometimes I start up fine, but than when I start up again after like 4 times i get the error message:

 "The package EditorMacroScript (pascalscript macros) has detected a problem and was deactivated.
The package selftest was not completed during the last start of the IDE"

 what the heck is that?! When I click ok or try again or whatever it tells me the same thing, there is another post on another forum of the same topic but it was too techincal for me, can someone please help me? thanks! You can contact me at if i'm too incompetant to understand anything XD
Thanks!  :-*


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You can ignore it.

It means that the pascal-script engine had a problem. So the macro recording/replay in the editor is limited. (If you sue it at all)

If it happens sometimes, it may have other causes.

One problem is that if you accidental (or intentional) start 2 instances of the IDE at the same time , then they both access the same file, and one thinks the file held by the other is an indicator that the other crashed.

You can run 2 or more IDE. you just must start them a few seconds apart from each other.

Their may be another error causing this on your system.  If for example the IDE does crash during startup., Then it could detect this at the next startup.


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