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An Idea to generate more interest
« on: April 03, 2004, 09:35:50 am »
I just tried compiling a package from Delphi (under linux). There is minimal Linux support, so I expected bumps. The package is glscene But I got totally lost. I created a new package and added the files. And after playing a bit found that packages couldn't be added dynamically, they had to be compiled in. OK, I can live with that.  So I say compile it in! And it says Ok, done. without doing anything. :roll:

Anyways to my idea.  Someone with some knowhow, do it, and Document step by step what was done. glscene has a huge following and many are interested in Linux.  By documenting step by step, you will first off give a template to people who (like me) can't figure it out for themselves. Secondly the huge following that glscene has will gain you some converts (who know what pascal can do). Note you don't have to get everything working, just enough to show the way.

I've been watching Lazarus for a LONG time, and I'm thinking it's starting to drift from it's alpha status into Beta. I'm excited about where it's heading, and I hope to be using it in commercial software in the near future.  :shock:


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An Idea to generate more interest
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2004, 07:13:47 am »
Hmm... I like your idea. It has merit.

But also along your ideas of how to to increase interest, taking note from your mention of GLScene, is the game development community. You'll notice from going to sites like,,, and lastly but surely not the least of them is If you have been to them, good keep going. If you haven't then go and check them out. These are the top sites for game development in the Pascal/Object Pascal community.

Recently there is a merger in progress with both DGDev and DelphiGamer. Both sites are going to merge everything, news posts and phpBB-based forums. The new site is going to be called PGD, stands for Pascal Game Development. But most exciting is the fact that we are not focusing on just Delphi alone anymore. Oh no! We are expanding our horizions and going to cover not only Delphi as we have before, but we'll be covering Free Pascal, GNU Pascal, Kylix, TMT Pascal(if there is an interest) PP Compiler(Pascal compiler for Palm OS), PocketStudio(another Pascal compiler for PalmOS) and whatever else we can find that proves to be popular. We'll also cover many platforms other than the simple PC with Win32; ie. Linux, Mac OS X, any and all portables, Gaming consoles(X-Box, PS2, Game Cube, GameBoy Advance, PSP, Nokia, etc), FreeBSD and whatever else someone comes up with. Projects like Dev-Pascal, Lazarus(if visitors come and start talking about Lazarus in DGDev/PGD's forums we'll have the user base to support talks and may produce interesting results and new interest in the project being as those knowlageble in the project are educating the community), JEDI-SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL suites and headers. Also we'll cover the gaming industry and all other aspects relating to game development.

The new PGD(and old DGDev/DelphiGamer combo) *is* the biggest collaboration of Pascal game developers on the net. It's true! Over the last year DGDev has averaged at 148 unique visitors DAILY!!! This is an itching community that begs attention and the introduction of new projects and especailly new tools like Lazarus cause quite a stir here.

Something worth looking at.


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