Author Topic: SQLdb TSQLQuery.IsEmpty problem on MySQL 4.1.11  (Read 3572 times)


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SQLdb TSQLQuery.IsEmpty problem on MySQL 4.1.11
« on: April 06, 2006, 08:15:23 pm »

Do anybody else have this problem ?
I have a TSQLQuery that I Open first time and it shows the single record.
I then close it and change the where clause. When I open it again, there should be no records, but the dataset shows RecordCount = 1. That record doesn't exist, so If I call first, last, Insert or Edit I get a AV error.

It seems if the previous buffers were not Clear.

I'm using FC4, Lazarus 0.9.15 from Last weakend and MySQL 4.1.11.

Any Suggestions Welcome.

Thanks in advance
The FRED Trainer. (Training FRED with Lazarus/FPC)


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