Author Topic: Labels / shapes placed on a tTabSheet are not displayed at runtime  (Read 1639 times)


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I'm working with Windows CE 6.5.3.
I'm trying to put buttons, labels and shapes on a tTabsheet.

At design time all visual components are correctly displayed.
At runtime only my buttons are displayed. My labels and shapes are not displayed.

Steps to reproduce :
Create a new project / wince
Add a PageControl
Add a new page (tabsheet)
On the new page, add some labels, shapes and buttons
Compile and run project on the WinCE device

Act : only buttons are displayed. Labels and shapes are not displayed.
Exp : all visual components should be displayed

Workarround : add a panel on the tabsheet. Move all those components to the panel
Lazarus 1.6.2
fpc 3.0.0
delphi berlin


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