Author Topic: Lazarus 9.28.2 gives Acces Violation in Suse 11.3  (Read 5446 times)


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Lazarus 9.28.2 gives Acces Violation in Suse 11.3
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:21:44 pm »
I did a fresh installation with Lazarus 09.28.2  including a new hidden .lazarus directory.
When I start Lazarus (first time and always afterwards) and click  Show - units  or Show -Forms  I get an Acces Violation error without any further comment.
Version 09.28.0  with Suse 11.1 still works fine.  I tried to install 09.28.0 on suse 11.3 but that did not work (missing dependencies).

Does anyone have a working Lazarus on Suse 11.3  ?



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Re: Lazarus 9.28.2 gives Acces Violation in Suse 11.3
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2011, 08:01:41 pm »
With the intense help of _X_ from the German Lazarus forum I made Lazarus run! I did it this way:

First, install fpc and fpc-src with yast. If you keep your repos up to date, you will get the newest version, which of course is recommended.

Second, Part 1.
You'll need to download the latest (stable) sources by use of svn. For this, you have to install the packages svn and make, too.

Second, Part 2.
Download the sources by use of
Code: [Select]
svn co  <TargetDirectory> as user, not as root. You can specify any directory, it will be created. I recommend the use of ~/bin/lazarus.

Third, compile. If you want to use Lazarus privately (recommended since you can use different versions by specifiying different target directories), just send off the command
Code: [Select]
makeas user, again. If you want to integrate lazarus into the system, use
Code: [Select]
make installas root.

Notice 1: If you installed "privately", Lazarus will not show up in yast as installed software!
Notice 2: The binary, or better, the startup command will be located at <TargetDirectory>/startlazarus. You might want to edit the start menu of your OS to get easier access, or you could append the .bashrc file with the command
Code: [Select]
export $PATH:<TargetDirectory> in order to have easy access to the starting script from the console.

I hope that helps!
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