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Embedded - AVR / Re: Lazarus USBasp serial window on demand
« Last post by ccrause on Today at 11:22:06 am »
Currently it uses the LazSerialPort as a dependency and disconnects from the com port when the IDE runs ( with or without debugger ) a project and reconnects to the com port when it stop running / debugging a project.

Does it have to have that external dependency, or could it use FPC's standard serial.pp?

As its a proof of concept and I'm not familiar with the serial.pp unit, I took the easy way to use something ready .

To answer your question, I don't think why not if the serial.pp its stable enough for the task .

serial.pp is definitely stable, I use it for serial communication in my projects.  The disadvantage over elaborate components such as synaser and LazSerialPort is that the programmer needs to decide how to handle the asynchronous nature of the communication.  Either blocking or threaded with events/callbacks etc.

I agree with MarkMLI that it would be better (for the end user) to reduce the dependence on external components.
Databases / Re: Multiple criteria in SQL statement
« Last post by egsuh on Today at 11:12:11 am »
Before designing the interface, please explain more about the logic. 

You have routes, locations, and fares.  (forget about field names and IDs).

I can think of Locations table. Each record has one location, like London, York, New Castle, etc.
And fares table as well --- it contains departure, destination, one-way fare, and return fare.  But one question --- it is possible that the fares between the same cities are different when the departure and destination are swapped? For example, may fare of London -> York be different from York -> London fare?

Regarding Routes, I'm not clear. Do you have only one route, e.g. London - York - New Castle, or could there be many routes like :

Route 1  :  London - York - New Castle
Route 2  :  Brighton - London - Birmingham - Manchester
Route 3  :  Leiceister - Bristol - Cardiff - Swansea

and so on.  Let's assume many routes.

In this case, if I select London as departure, then 5 cities (York, New Castle, Brighton, Birmingham, and  Manchester) must pop up for destination to choose, and when the destination is selected, then fares will be displayed.

Or is it possible to choose any combination of cities?

Please confirm whether this is what you want first. Then let's think about next step.
General / Re: Is there any way to name my threads for debugging?
« Last post by 440bx on Today at 11:00:31 am »
Just thinking out loud here...

Wouldn't just having a threadvar set to a string name do the trick ?  it seems that would be preferable since it could be used on versions other than Win10.

At least here the compiler will remind you that you forgot to edit the other one, cause if you add an entry to TDrawingCharacters then the compiler will complain about a missing entry in DrawingCharacters.
General / Re: Is there any way to name my threads for debugging?
« Last post by PascalDragon on Today at 10:45:11 am »
Would be good if you could test it inside a debugger on Windows 7 (e.g. x64dbg) ;)
After adding the Windows unit (otherwise it is not compiled) and running, it returned an error in line 101, because the DWORD parameter was attempted to be assigned a 64-bit value. I think it's better to test it first on Windows 10.

Just add a typecast to DWord. TThreadID is supposed to be a 32-bit type which is fixed with 3.2 (thus only the lower 32-bit will be set anyway).
General / Re: Custom Drawing user interface
« Last post by PascalDragon on Today at 10:36:59 am »
You could take a look at this. I have not tested it, but at least it looks nice.
General / Re: Is the mingw folder necessary?
« Last post by PascalDragon on Today at 10:34:13 am »
1) FP text IDE is ALWAYS shipped with Free Pascal Compiler, and has nothing to do with releases of Lazarus, to answer your question on another topic (future laz release 2.0.8 )

However the textmode IDE is not shipped with the Free Pascal distrubution that's also provided with the Lazarus Windows installer (which makes sense in my opinion).
General / Re: I need a 512 character string array
« Last post by PascalDragon on Today at 10:29:38 am »
Fila : array [0..255] of string[512];

Os possible?

It's not possible as such, no. But if you'd tell as what you intend to achieve we would be able to point you to a correct solution for this. :)
Android / Re: LAMW - Connection MySQL?
« Last post by six1 on Today at 10:24:26 am »
If I understand correctly, you want to access a MYSQL database in the WEB directly from a mobile device.
This is not a good idea since MYSQL has no port protection. Access to port 3306 is unprotected!
This can be done via SSL and tunneling the port 3306, or via HTTPS access to a PHP script, which does the necessary queries to the MYSQL database.

In normal GUI development, I use DEVART's SecureBridge components for this. However, this also requires a specially set up server that serves these tunnels.

A difficult topic :-)
General / Re: When GTK3 in Lazarus?
« Last post by PascalDragon on Today at 10:24:01 am »
So, I believe that GTK3 must change it's stage from Alpha.
Yes, of course. The trouble I found with GTK3 is is keeps changing. One of the GTK3 things I tried to chase down had been implemented nicely in LCL-GTK3 but soon after implementation the api used was declared deprecated.  By time I came to use it, it had been withdrawn. So, I spent some weeks finding a workaround, only to watch as the API I decided to use was also declared deprecated.

Considering that development of GTK is now moved to version 4 I think we can consider GTK3 as stable (with GIMP also moving to it only now) and thus we should be able to keep up now. :)
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