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Title: Missing components, pretty sure it's a broad win32 problem.
Post by: daz on September 25, 2008, 12:50:54 am
Well, I had this problem on my win2k machine. I installed lazarus and noticed a key missing component, the timage component. Now, I know it's there and I know certain things can get it to pop back up somehow. For me on the win2k box, it was installing then uninstalling the lnet component; but even that didn't keep timage sticking around forever. Now I'm pretty darn sure this is a win32 installer or lazarus problem because even on this brand spanking new windows xp install (wiped drive), with practically nothing but drivers installed on the machine, I find timage missing again.

- I believe this is a bug, and I don't want to submit a bug report unless other people have the same issue using snapshots and autoinstallers on a win32 machine.

- Rebuilding Lazarus didn't solve the problem.
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