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Title: TPanel and AutoSize - Bug or wanted behaviour
Post by: Martin_fr on January 09, 2008, 01:19:37 am
Before I open a bug report on this (if at all), I would just like to check if any of the following is:
- documented
- intended behaviour
- a bug

1) TPanel ignores it Catpion for autosizing

If Caption of a panel needs more space (Width) than the Controls in the panel, the Panel still resizes to the Controls. Cutting of its caption

2) An empty TPanel does not AutoSize.
- This is fine in designer mode, otherwise it would be hard to edit it.
- But in runtime, I am not sure if this should be intended. IMHO there are 2 possible other behaviours:
  -  as above, use the caption
  -  Zero size (this makes sense if controls are added and removed during runtime
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