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Title: Lazarus + LAMW - minor problem when installing debug APKs
Post by: Manlio on May 19, 2019, 06:47:43 pm

If I use Ctrl-F1 to compile a LAMW project and install the APK to my phone through a USB cable, everything works fine.

And by the way: kudos for choosing Ctrl-F1 as the keyboard shortcut. At first it was just another annoying new thing to learn, and I thought, why not something with F9, which we are all used to. But now I enjoying using Ctrl-F1 because I can do it with one hand :)

Anyway, when I go Ctrl-F1, if there's no phone connected to the computer, the Lazarus IDE freezes, and I have to force close it and restart it.

So, definitely not a big deal, but if you can think of an easy way to prevent that crash, it would be nice.

Thanks everyone!