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Title: unit paths
Post by: Birger52 on May 11, 2019, 02:53:49 pm
Another little oddity...

I add a new unit.
Save it somewhere (actually where some control also resides, as it will be used by those...)

Do I want to add the unit to the project - yes, it'll be needed.

The path is not in the searchpath, do I want to add it - well, it is to be needed, so yes.

And then when I compile:
Warning: other unit files search path (aka unit path) of "Thumbs" contains "C:\ZZ Mine Data\MineDelphi\Mine Komponenter\MyThumb", which belongs to package "mythumbpck"

Would it be an idea, if the IDE looks in already included packages for paths, before it claims not knowing where a given file is located?

Or is this something else, that is being complained about?
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