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Title: Problem with TDBLookupCombobox
Post by: Ever on February 21, 2019, 06:13:51 pm

    I present the following inconvenience.

    In a form I use a TDBLookupCombobox, with the active autocomplete option. If I compile with version 1.8.4 it works correctly, but when compiling with version 2.0.0 it does not do the search correctly, what is written starts to erase the letters that I am writing, so it does not look for anything in the list. I must note that it works only the first time, but if I erase and start writing something again, it does not search anymore. I have this control configured with the AutoDropDown option in True and the style is csDopDrown. But make the changes you make about the different options, it fails the same. I use Windows 10.

   I appreciate the support you can give me in this regard. First of all, Thanks

Ever Delgado