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Title: TKGrid and Cocoa Crashes
Post by: josh on September 04, 2017, 11:37:42 pm

I have been testing latest SVN of Laz and FPC with third party components on OSX Cocoa.

If I create a new application and put a tkgrid on it ( latest version from bitbucket), then run the application after setting for cocoa widgetset, x86-64, I get a debugger exception.
Project1 raised exception class 'FPImageException' with message:
Failed to create handles

  in file 'intfgraphics.pas' at line 3634:
then raise FPImageEsception.Create('Failed to create handles');

Anyone else come across this with a fix, I have posted a message on forum.
Title: Re: TKGrid and Cocoa Crashes
Post by: josh on September 19, 2017, 01:22:19 am
Just an update, got a few reply from TK regarding this issue and so far not promising....
Below extract from tkweb site, hopefully someone can help with this; as TKControls is an impressive suite of controls to NOT have working with the Cocoa Widgeset.

From: Josh
I have been using TKGrid, with windows and OSX ( carbon ) without issue.
As Apple are discontinuing 32bit this means only COCOA should now be used.
When I compile for a cocoa I get numerous errors.
I have latest SVN of LAZARUS and FPC, if I create a new Project withan empty form, and place a TKGRID ( Latest one from bitbucket) and compile for 64 cocoa widgetset, I get an error
FPIMAGEEXCEPTION failed to create handle.
in file intfgraphics.pas at line 3634: then raise exception FPIMAHEEXCEPTION.CREATE('Failed to create handles');
Any ideas of a fix?
Thanks in advance.
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From: tk
I am not sure Cocoa widgetset is ready for reasonable use. I remember having numerous problems when just trying it but it was a year ago or two.
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From: Josh
Hi TK,
The Cocoa widgetset has come a long way since then, and is actively being developed.
So far most components I have tried now have worked flawlessly, stringgrid is even working now, even though I don't use it.(latest trunk required as fixes seem to be applied nearly daily).
It would be a shame if KGRID could not be used with cocoa, as I think we have less than a year before Apple drop 32bit hence carbon; in favour of 64bit.
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From: tk
I am sorry but it seems TLazIntfImage is not ready for the Cocoa widgetset. If you need to use KGrid with Cocoa then push towards the Cocoa widgetset developer(s) to make the needed format work.
FYI: I just updated Laz from trunk on my El Capitan and tried various KControls components with Cocoa. The numerous problems I spoke about persist so I still deem the Cocoa widgetset absolutely unprepared for solid usage.
Title: Re: TKGrid and Cocoa Crashes
Post by: DonAlfredo on September 19, 2017, 06:56:40 am
TKGrid seems to run nice with QT5 on OSX !
See included screenshot (KGrid was installed with OPM).
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