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Title: The OpenZim Project for FPC/Lazarus
Post by: Saylo_49 on June 26, 2016, 02:09:23 am
Hello Lazarus community

I am a big interested in FPC/lazarus and open communities

I have looked in the Lazarus Wiki Converter, which compile to only CHM files (worked only for Windows)

And I have discovered the OpenZIM project ( ( )

which consiste to compile a whole Wiki into a (*.zim) files, and these files are cross-platforms since their readers are available in nearly all platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, Jolla, Symbian,....)

But, the ZimLib and its bindings for making a Zim reader are available only in C++, Python, Java, and not in Pascal

So my suggestion is, if someone or some peoples could create the ZimLib bindings in Pascal in order to develop a Zim reader in FPC/Lazarus

And thank you very much
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