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Title: LRescources
Post by: lewjoubert on July 04, 2006, 11:44:21 am
The instant I place any database component on a form I get the complaint thus:

Fatal: Can't find unit LResources

Now, when I check the directories, registerdbf.pas is indeed right there in the path as described above.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?
Title: RE: LRescources
Post by: felipemdc on July 19, 2006, 06:23:49 pm
You could try to add the path to this unit on the "Compiler Options" dialog, on "Other Unit files"

Another option it to compile the software on the command line. Put all options lazarus puts for your project (look for them on the Compiler Options dialog), and also add -va

The -va option will tell the compiler to give full output of what is going on, so this should tell you the reason why it canĀ“t find the unit. If can be many things, like the .o file being corrupted.
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