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Title: fpc-crosswin32 .deb
Post by: tatamata on June 03, 2011, 05:22:12 pm
I am trying to enable cross-compiling in my Linux (puppy linux) installation.
I have installed fpc and Lazarus by .deb packages.
I have also installed fpc_crosswin32 .deb package.

Regarding cross-compiling, before I destroy my installation, please tell me whether in this case (installation by .deb packages) the following article applies or the procedure is different: (

In meantime, I have just performed "make clean all OS_TARGET=win32" and in Linux Lazarus binary changed the project options: TargetOS and Paths/LCL widget type.
The compiling seemed to go well, until I got this error:
MightyQuery.lpr(27,1) Error: Error while compiling resources
The code is here:
Code: [Select]
program MightyQuery;

{$mode objfpc}{$H+}

  {$IFDEF UNIX}{$IFDEF UseCThreads}
  Interfaces, // this includes the LCL widgetset
  Forms, UMainForm, DBFLaz, SDFLaz, janSQLTokenizer,
  janSQL, janSQLStrings, MemDSLaz, lazdbexport, SQLDBLaz, janSQLExpression2,
  unit2, unit3, unit4, zcomponent;

{$IFDEF WINDOWS}{$R MightyQuery.rc}{$ENDIF}

{off $R *.res}

{$R *.res}

  Application.CreateForm(TFormMain, FormMain);
  Application.CreateForm(TFormExportToCSV, FormExportToCSV);
  Application.CreateForm(TFormFilters, FormFilters);
  Application.CreateForm(TFormFind, FormFind);

Title: Re: fpc-crosswin32 .deb
Post by: Leledumbo on June 04, 2011, 05:04:43 am
{$IFDEF WINDOWS}{$R MightyQuery.rc}{$ENDIF}

{off $R *.res}

{$R *.res}
Is this a project created initially from older lazarus? If yes, then please only use {$R *.res}, delete the others.
Title: Re: fpc-crosswin32 .deb
Post by: tatamata on June 04, 2011, 08:22:41 pm
Leledumbo, thanks, this solved the problem! :P
I'm exciting to be able to cross-compile from Linux to win32. Great!
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