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Title: Mac OS X, Ctrl-Click go to function definition
Post by: Shebuka on April 19, 2011, 10:44:15 am

Ctrl-Click the function to go to its definition [cut]


About this quote, on Mac OS X, Ctrl-Click is some sort of alias to right mouse click, so the jump to function definition is never worked for me and i need always to select function, right click on it and then select find declaration from popup menu, it' not really a problem but it can be easy solved by binding Ctrl-Click to Meta-Click via {$ifdef darwin}

BTW there is the same problem in practically all components (especially in treeview, virtualtreeview and listbox) that enables multi-select and has assigned pop up. In fact in finder to multi select separated files (not the block one that you select with shift) you must use Meta key, if you use Ctrl it pop ups Right Click pop up...
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