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Title: RichMemo not building with Laz Trunk
Post by: dbannon on September 23, 2020, 02:11:28 pm
Using current Lazarus Trunk and FPC320 on Linux, installing Richmemo and getting an error. Now, the OPM does warn me its not not tested with FPC320 but this looks like a Lazarus issue to me.

Richmemo,  line 789 of gtk2richmemo.pas has this -

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  1.   {$ifdef RMLCLTRUNK}
  2.   GetWidgetInfo(Widget)^.CoreWidget := TempWidget;
  3.   {$else}
  4.   GetWidgetInfo(Widget, True)^.CoreWidget := TempWidget;
  5.   {$endif}

RMLCLTRUNK is apparently not defined and we call GetWidgetInfo(Widget, True) but Lazarus Trunk has not had a version of GetWidgetInfo that takes two parameters since August 2019.

So, should RMLCLTRUNK be defined, if so, where ?  Its mentioned in richmemopackage.lpk but not in a way that makes sense to me !


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