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Title: Desktop Lazarus/fpc application in browser over the WEB - Knowledge share
Post by: zgabrovski on May 12, 2021, 09:08:59 am
I briefly share my experience with deploying a Lazarus/fpc desktop application to work as a web-based browser application.

To achieve this I used vps hosting with a virtual server with 4 processor cores and 6 GB of RAM. The server was installed by the hosting company with Ubuntu 20.04. server. It will cost around EUR 30 per month for the customer.

I installed the desktop GUI as described here: (
by selecting the xubuntu minimal (xfce) option.
I installed xrdp to access the already installed GUI as described here (
I installed Guacamole which is a RDP to HTML 5 gateway as described here. (

I installed the Firebird and other libraries I needed for my application.

I recompiled for Linux GTK 2 and installed the application.

I created an icon in the /usr/share/applications folder using a .desktop file.

I created the necessary users using the adduser command.

and finally for the administrator: I downloaded scripts that can monitor users and sessions from here (
The result is a working desktop application in a browser from anywhere in the world and on any device.
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