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LazReport / Re: QR LazReport
« Last post by dseligo on Today at 03:35:32 am »
I call this function when preparing report, somewhere above ShowReport.
LazReport / Re: QR LazReport
« Last post by dseligo on Today at 03:31:48 am »
This works for me (QRcode2Bitmap returns bitmap):
Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  1. function QRkod2report(frRep: TfrReport; sKontrola, sTekst: String; iVelicinaModula, iOkvir:Integer): Boolean;
  2. var frQR: TfrObject;
  3.     Bmp: TBitmap;
  4. begin
  5.   Result := False;
  6.   Bmp := QRcode2Bitmap(sTekst, iVelicinaModula, iOkvir);
  7.   try
  8.     frQR := frRep.FindObject(sKontrola);
  9.     If frQR = nil then Exit;
  10.     If not (frQR is TfrPictureView) then Exit;
  12.     (frQR as TfrPictureView).dx := Bmp.Width;
  13.     (frQR as TfrPictureView).dy := Bmp.Height;
  14.     (frQR as TfrPictureView).Picture.Bitmap := Bmp;
  15.   finally
  16.     Bmp.Free;
  17.   end;
  18.   Result := True;
  19. end;
General / Re: packages
« Last post by dbannon on Today at 03:25:47 am »
Lazarus (and fpc) packages, written in pascal are statically linked at compile time, so everything is in there in the binary.

If you app links to external (eg c) libraries, DLL in you case, you may need to ship them with the app unless they are standard things you expect to find on every user's machine.

General / Re: windows
« Last post by dseligo on Today at 03:21:32 am »
You can go to menu Package, Install/Uninstall Packages, select AnchorDockingDsgn and then 'Save and Rebuild IDE'.

General / packages
« Last post by jessicajoned on Today at 03:19:08 am »
How to install a package (library) correctly?
Are there manual steps required too?

If I want to distribute my executable, how to know what files of the package to include with the executable?

General / windows
« Last post by jessicajoned on Today at 03:17:38 am »

I'm a complete beginner to lazarus ide.
It installed correctly, forms work and basic code.
However the editor, form designer seem to float around on my windows desktop.
Is there a way to maximize the lazarus window so the sub-windows like code editor, form designer, ... are inside the window?
Networking and Web Programming / Re: Indy TIdTCPServer on disconnection
« Last post by torbente on Today at 03:11:43 am »
Hi again; back after 8 months without been able to solve the mem issue.  :(

Looking at this old post:

We were able to figure out that OnExecute can be used also to send messages to the clients, so we moved everything inside there, and now we are peforming some tests to know if the problem is that the server is sending data meanwhile there are incoming data in the buffer (or socket is busy?) and corrupting all.

Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  1. Form1.MyServer := TIdTCPServer.Create(Form1);
  2. SendMessage : Boolean;
  3. GlobalText     : string;
  4. ...
  5. procedure TForm1.MyServerExecute(AContext: TIdContext);  
  6. Begin
  7. if SendMessage then
  8.    begin
  9.    MyServer.Contexts.LockList;
  10.    Acontext.Connection.IOHandler.WriteLn(GlobalText);
  11.    MyServer.Contexts.UnlockList;
  12.    SendMessage  := false;
  13.    end;
  14. End;

Is this the correct way to safely send data to the client? The mem leak is still there, even if we add a AContext.Connection.IOHandler.InputBufferIsEmpty=true verification before sending the line.

We have to admit that somehow we believed that IOHandler had the job to organize the I/O properly to avoid this issues, but we discovered the hard way that we were wrong...
LazReport / QR LazReport
« Last post by eldonfsr on Today at 03:09:01 am »
Hi i follow samples show here on forum how to print QR with lazreport, but don't show me still the picture on report blank...
Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  1. procedure TFormCtrlHist.BtnPdfClick(Sender: TObject);
  2. begin
  3.   frReport1.LoadFromFile('reportes\testresultado.lrf');
  4.   BarCodeQR1.Visible := true;
  5.   frReport1.ShowReport;
  6.   BarCodeQR1.Visible := false;
  7. end;
  9. procedure TFormCtrlHist.frReport1EnterRect(Memo: TStringList; View: TfrView);
  10.  var
  11.   tmp : TBitmap;
  12.   w,h : integer;
  13.   r : TRect;
  14. begin
  15.   if (View.Name='Picture1')  then
  16.   begin
  17.     // Fields[0] --> Author
  18.      BarCodeQR1.Text := SQLQhist.FieldByName('urllink').AsString;
  19. //     showmessage(frDBDataSet1.DataSet.FieldByName('urllink').AsString);
  20. //     showmessage(frDBDataSet1.DataSet.Fields[5].AsString);
  21.      BarCodeQR1.Text :=frDBDataSet1.DataSet.FieldByName('urllink').AsString;
  22.     BarCodeQR1.Update;
  23.     w := BarCodeQR1.Width;
  24.     h:= BarCodeQR1.Height;
  25.     r:= Rect(0,0,w,h);
  26.     tmp:=TBitmap.Create;
  27.     tmp.Width:=w;
  28.     tmp.Height:=h;
  29.     // copy the qrcode bitmap  in the picture Picture1
  30.     tmp.Canvas.CopyRect(r, BarCodeQR1.Canvas, r);
  31.     TFrPictureView(View).Picture.Bitmap.Assign(tmp);
  33.   end;
  34. end;
Jobs / Re: help with continue project
« Last post by jessicajoned on Today at 02:44:31 am »
And maybe I should mention already now: I consider this github site only as a temporary storage until the essential work has been done and will delete it afterwards.

Do you also mean by this that you won't maintain a repository for'emuloader in the case it's converted fully, in order to maybe attract contributors?
My Delphi experience will have to grow a lot to even come close to you. So maintaining a repository of a Delphi project is not recommended for me.
That's why I ask, if you want it, to become owner of the repository (even if you don't want to work any further on it yourself)?
Or maybe you want to do the conversion and then completely stop with this?

I just ask because I can't "read between the lines" because of my autism. My apologies...

I really appreciate for helping me and for your time!
So please, there is no hurry and you can do this in your way of doing things and when/how you want.
If at some point you have enough of it (no matter if it's completed or not) please let me know before deleting the github, so I can download the source code and can try to work further.
I hope this last thing won't happen  :'(

Jobs / Re: help with continue project
« Last post by jessicajoned on Today at 02:34:41 am »
Further discussion on github so we don't post too many messages on the forum.
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