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Title: Debugging App
Post by: JimKueneman on November 24, 2012, 01:26:23 am
I have an app that uses SynEdit for com port support.  The problem is I get a random crash that I can't track down.  The main problem is I can't run the app in the debugger because when I do the com port will not connect and I can't run the app where the problem occurs.  Simple question:

1) Any thoughts why the com port won't work under the debugger
2) Is there any tricks to understanding where the app crashes when running stand along?

Title: Re: Debugging App
Post by: Martin_fr on November 24, 2012, 02:10:43 am
You can put lots of
Code: [Select]
in there (essentially writeln)

Then you must start your app from console:
Code: [Select]

In project options check "display line numbers in run time error backtraces (-gl). This also prints to console

Make sure, that all used (or at least those that may be part of a stacktrace) packages, have debug info enabled.(open each package and check the options)

If you get a stacktrace, you can use "leak view" from tools menu.

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