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Title: Everett Random Integer Class - split the Universe!
Post by: minesadorada on August 22, 2019, 11:41:25 am
This is an oddball component class written for fun.

The Everett interpretation of quantum mechanics ("Many Worlds") is that when
an interaction is made with an elementary wave function (such as an electron or
photon etc) the universe bifurcates.
ref: (

This happens naturally of course (just via radioactive decays in atoms of your
body there are about 5000 bifucations per second) but this component brings into
the mix "Free Will".  By requesting a random number from the online source, which
is a beam-splitter based in Austrailia you are bifurcating the Universe deliberately
- that is, based on your Free Will.
You may or may not find that interesting, but nevertheless this component gives
you this ability (to "play God" with the Universe)This package is a wrapper for querying a quantum number generator based in Austrailia.

To see more check out the Wiki page ( ( where you can also download and test the component.
Practical uses: The random integers returned are truly random (i.e. not pseudorandom via algorithm) so that might be useful to you.
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