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Editor / Re: v3.99 code completion question
« Last post by JuhaManninen on Today at 09:12:38 am »
Yes, that behavior is from v3.99 (Lazarus trunk.) 
I normally use Lazarus v3.2 and in that version I haven't experienced that problem.
What I don't know is if it is caused by a bug or some IDE setting.  I'd like to find that out.
In a test app I put
Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  1.   abc: Array
and then press Ctrl-Space to open the completion list. Then I press Space and indeed the first item in the list (ArrayStringToPPchar) is added.

I happen to have a binary of Lazarus 3.0RC2 here. I tested and it behaves exactly the same. I believe Lazarus 3.2 also behaves the same.
Are you sure your v3.99 and v3.2 work differently?

The behavior itself is a borderline between feature / bug. If you don't want any completion, press Esc to close the completion list.
General / Re: Access violation when opening Tools/Options
« Last post by Чебурашка on Today at 07:05:07 am »
@Чебурашка did not even try my suggestion which was to delete the local config dir.  :(

I ll do this Monday when I ll be at work again
Third party / Re: InstallAware Using Lazarus IDE
« Last post by dbannon on Today at 05:38:37 am »
Yep, exactly right TRon. Using trunk FPC is, frankly, a very brave move. I would not recommend anyone other that real experts use any trunk compiler in their day to day stuff. Fixes is better but far from guaranteed to be good every time.

fpcupdeluxe just delivers what its told to get, it cannot be held responsible for the bugs anyone expects to find in a development stream.

Thats why my personal approach is to select a fixes snapshot that provides what I need but does not have any of the little traps.

A little while ago I suggested there should be an informal program to identify a know good fixes and have fpcupdeluxe offer that as the most recent "believed good snapshot". Much better than just grabbing whatever is on the top of the heap at the time.

Mind you, a fpc release would be better, most users of FPC Fixes and trunk do not need the bleeding edge, it is just we have to have something a newer than fpc322.

General / Re: How to: create DLL file for Windows 10 64-Bit Pro
« Last post by rvk on Today at 04:34:36 am »
I meant, why do you want to change that edx to 0 instead of 1 ?

Or was that just a random (nonsense) example?
( you might have mentioned that that was just a hypothetical example)

If so, do you have actual asm improvement you want to suggest?

(The mailinglist might be a better place to suggest those changes because I think the majority of the core developers hang out there.)
Other / Quirky windows
« Last post by 440bx on Today at 04:32:04 am »

The following code might be the shortest possible Windows GUI program and the behavior is a bit unusual in some cases (hint: the scrollbar is the most fun to play with.)  Here is the code:
Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  3. program FunMess;
  4.   { short and quirky GUI programs                                             }
  6.   {---------------------------------------------------------------------------}
  7.   { UNUSUAL: creating a main window that is a standard control may give the   }
  8.   { window a caption but, the caption isn't always active/functional.         }
  10.   { 1. Button    - ignores the button styles,                                 }
  11.   {                caption is partially functional                            }
  12.   { 2. Listbox   - caption is partially functional                            }
  13.   { 3. Scrollbar - when used, the scroll bars get redrawn incorrectly, the    }
  14.   {                caption if partially functional                            }
  15.   { 4. Static    - the caption is utterly useless                             }
  16.   { 5. Edit      - caption is partially functional                            }
  18.   { 1. Combobox  - there is no caption                                        }
  20.   { for all the above, the window style is mostly ignored                     }
  21.   {---------------------------------------------------------------------------}
  23. uses
  24.   Windows
  25.   ;
  27. function WinMain : integer;
  28.   { application entry point                                                   }
  29. var
  30.   Wnd : HWND;
  31.   Msg : TMSG;
  33. begin
  34.   { Create the main application window                                        }
  36.                        { uncomment your choice of control, recompile and run  }
  38.   Wnd := CreateWindow ('listbox',
  39.                        //'scrollbar',
  40.                        //'static',
  41.                        //'edit',
  42.                        //'Combobox',
  43.                        //'Button',              { class name                  }
  45.                        'Hello World',           { window caption text         }
  46.                        0,                       { window style                }
  48.                        10,
  49.                        10,
  50.                        100,
  51.                        100,
  53.                        0,
  54.                        0,
  55.                        GetModuleHandle(nil),    { instance handle             }
  56.                        nil);                    { parameter sent to WM_CREATE }
  58.   if Wnd = 0 then halt;                         { could not create the window }
  59.   ShowWindow(Wnd, SW_NORMAL);
  61.   while GetMessage (Msg, 0, 0, 0) do            { pump and dispatch messages  }
  62.   begin
  63.     DispatchMessage(Msg);
  64.   end;
  67.   WinMain := Msg.wParam;                        { terminate with return code  }
  68. end;
  70. begin
  71.   WinMain;
  72. end.
you can copy/paste that into a Lazarus source editor window or if you like your code with a side of .lpi and .lps, download the attachment.

NOTE: you will almost every time have to forcefully terminate the little program (use Task Manager or whatever system monitoring program you like/use.)

Have fun!
Databases / Re: Access violation when re-opening SQL query with parameters
« Last post by TRon on Today at 04:01:59 am »
Any other ideas?
Not atm and not without compromising said requirements.

afaik it is a Free Pascal issue, not a Lazarus one so you should be looking at the last version of Free Pascal that did not produce the error for you and worked as expected. You could create the same test project using only Free Pascal and test that out on different versions of FPC.

Ofc. a (complete) stack trace of the crash would be helpful as well.

PS: have you already tried with (Free Pascal) trunk and/or fixes ?
General / Re: Access violation when opening Tools/Options
« Last post by TRon on Today at 03:54:59 am »
That is an interesting idea dbannon and made me think of something else.

Would it be a good idea to have a configuration directory that at least has the version number included (whether in separated sub-directories or something else). That way it would be possible to make it optional to 'import' an existing configuration while still being able to have them separated (by default).

On the other hand I wonder how many of us do have multiple installations of different versions installed. I often see people mention that they have installed multiple Lazarus' but of the same version (in which case my suggestion wouldn't stick and your idea would be better suited ?)
Graphics / Re: Your best UI design - contest
« Last post by Guva on Today at 03:50:50 am »
Ray4Laz Control UI Demo
Third party / Re: InstallAware Using Lazarus IDE
« Last post by TRon on Today at 03:35:58 am »
The irony there being FPCUPDLX already works fine on macOS, and the real problem I'd like to solve here is how to get the job done on Linux.
In a similar fashion ?

It is that I personally prefer to create all my builds manually from source but on occasion do use/test FPCUpDeluxe for testing purposes and I've never encountered any issues with it on Linux. For sure sometimes a build is broken but that is usually not FPCUpDeluxe's fault rather something amiss in/with trunk (not implying that FPCUpDeluxe is flawless but flaws seems to be rare and things do get complicated or fail when wanting to create cross-compilers for f.e. embedded).
General / Re: Access violation when opening Tools/Options
« Last post by dbannon on Today at 03:28:54 am »
Hmm, I have to say that, as a committed "build lazarus from source" sort of guy, I find the idea of a default (and therefor reusable) configure directory part of the problem.

I really wonder if we should force a new config directory on a new install/build by default. Let the die hards over ride if they must. For most users, the few minutes it takes setup a new install is a small price to pay to avoid the advice "blow way your config" that is needed so often. I never reuse an old config.

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