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Title: Overwhelmed
Post by: pathfinder on April 01, 2021, 12:00:46 am
How do you keep up with the constant changes?  If you went to college in the 80s, then you had a good chance of being taught with Pascal, and the college I went to even used Snobol in courses.  It was mostly procedural.

Bertrand Meyer came out with Eiffel in the 80s and some learned object oriented with it, or used C++ which isn't OO-only like Eiffel and Smalltalk.

But up through the early 2000s, programming didn't seem as complex.  Java is up to version 16 with 17 due in September. There is now the Java Platform Module System and long before that, annotations and multiple other changes.

How does one even keep up with frontend development which seems to change weekly.  Do you just work on the backend and mostly stick to what you learned even decades ago?

Maybe it is my age that can't adapt to the constant changes.
Title: Re: Overwhelmed
Post by: lainz on April 01, 2021, 02:26:29 am
I'm a bit new in professional programming, like working for 3-4 years only.

And I'm constantly learning, I started with web, I learned AngularJS and REST API usage, then I used Pascal, then I needed to create a REST API in Pascal, then in Node, then Delphi for Android, then Kotlin for Android. Printer code as well (with REST API), printer without having the printer (remote testing), and a lot of stuff. Today getting system data like temperature, cpu, disk and ram usage, system boot time, and so on.

You need to know the basics of UI design as well, even if there is a web template or a graphic designer.

From Angular v1 now with Angular v11! A different world. :)

So yes, I understand you, you need to keep learning all you need to work with every day.

Edit: Encrypting data is common as well.
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