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General / Re: min() function behavior inconsistent
« Last post by jamie on Today at 01:11:44 am »
I just created that function in old DELPHI 3.0 and 10 which already has all the overloads etc.

 All the constant translations work as they should.

 The mind set of some as how this should work is either flawed or the code is not fixable for some reason?

  I kind of wish they would work on this because it would be very helpful in debugging code.

   oh well, what can you expect for free! I would say a lot of the DEV's are getting to old for this! :o
General / Re: Magic, non referenced variable changes it's value
« Last post by BeniBela on Today at 01:09:10 am »
I had to deal with an inline bug this month, too. It took me four hours to find where it was crashing (I could not use a debugger because it was crashing on arm)

And  this has been  happening for years with inline. Perhaps it is best to never use inline
General / Re: Are We Dead Yet?
« Last post by Joanna on Today at 12:27:08 am »
Looks good  :)
General / Re: min() function behavior inconsistent
« Last post by 440bx on Today at 12:15:32 am »
Isn't this a mess?  :D
Have you or anyone else tested what a recent/current version of Delphi does with that test case ? 

It would be interesting to see how Delphi handles it.

General / Re: min() function behavior inconsistent
« Last post by tetrastes on Today at 12:12:14 am »
About type-safety and implicit type conversion:
Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  1. var
  2.     b: byte;
  3.     c: char;
  4.     d: double;
  5.     s: single;
  6. . . .
  8.     b := c;  // is not compiled
  9.     b := byte(c);  // is compiled
  10.     c := b;   // is not compiled
  11.     c := char(b);  // is compiled
  12.     d := s;  // is compiled
  13.     d := double(s);  // is not compiled
  14.     s := d;  // is compiled
  15.     s := single(d);  // is not compiled

Isn't this a mess?  :D
Debugger / Re: Installing GDB on MAC OS X
« Last post by Martin_fr on May 30, 2023, 11:56:33 pm »
Does LLDB not work for you? (There seem to be some cases with IIRC using outdated hardware....)

New MAC, will have LLDB supplied with the developer tools. The IDE supports this.

Preferences > Options > debugger backend:

There should be an entry for "LLDB with FpDbeug"
It needs the path to LLDB.
And then that should work.
Debugger / Installing GDB on MAC OS X
« Last post by cahlucas on May 30, 2023, 11:51:55 pm »
Hi all,
I have a new macbook pro and have installed Free Pascal / Lazarus on it, but I miss the debugger GDB. I would like to install it, but I don't know where to start. Does anyone know how to download and install this program for MAC OS X? 
General / Re: How to dock Stack and Project viewers?
« Last post by Molochnik on May 30, 2023, 11:20:19 pm »
Thank you very much! I have compiled the latest build 2.3.0, and now everything looks perfect..
General / Re: Are We Dead Yet?
« Last post by Warfley on May 30, 2023, 10:28:35 pm »
Maybe I'm going and try to build a proof of concept setup wizzard this weekend, this discussion has sort of fixed me on. Because many of those things shouldn't be hard to do

Well... that was a a bit more than a weekend, and I am far from done, as I initially did not know where I want to go with this. But at least for a base idea I now got something presentable:

I've experimented with a few different functionalities and things that I think would be useful in other situations. First an updater for Lazarus, and unlike FPCUp, where the versions are hardcoded in the executable, meaning to update to the next version you need a newer version of FPCUp first, here the the newest version number is fetched from Gitlab (tags) and can simply update the Lazarus installation through git. Currently no updating functionality for FPC, but I may add this at some time (rebuilding FPC is always so tedious).
The other main functionality here is to install and uninstall packages, currently only used for the anchordocking and dockedformeditor packages to switch between Docked and Floating mode, but this can easiely be extended for other packages. I am going to defenetly add a Darktheme switch in there (the button already exists), as well as thinking about adding a curated selection of useful packages (such as weblaz, threads, lazreport, etc.). So that a beginner does not have to deal with the Manage Installed Packages dialoge in the beginning.
Also OPM integration shouldn't be that much more effort as well.

Aside from that, I also want to include a feature to fetch the Edito Color Schemes that have been posted to and to download and install them right away.

It's still only a proof of concept, and therefore not really intended to be pretty (also the code is quite hacky at times), but I hope it gets the idea accross.

If anyone has some suggestions or ideas for more features, let me know.
General / Re: min() function behavior inconsistent
« Last post by han on May 30, 2023, 10:20:23 pm »
Thanks Zoran,

Yes looks like the 1 is processed as a single and the 1.0 as a double.

I have created an issue and added your post and test program. Thanks.
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