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Title: New program version
Post by: user5 on July 18, 2021, 01:18:56 pm
    Greetings on this Sunday morning. The attached picture after.bmp shows Default(SoftEdge)+SoftType edge softening.
    We are doing another debut of the Lazarus-made picture and video editing program VirtualU. (Totally free w/no strings)
The reason we are doing this again after doing a recent past debut is because the new version of VirtualU blows all previous versions out
of the water. The developmental log report in readme.rtf is the biggest ever. The edge softening system has been redone, the program
has new tools and operating methods, all previous bugs have been fixed and even its appearance has changed.
    Project durations of less than 1 sec. can be entered and changed at any time and operations are more logical and intuitive. Example
artwork is copyright compliant, the Help files have been expanded and we are currently involved in making a "Legacy" collection of program
files and documents that explain how VirtualU functions as well as all of the information needed by possible future coder groups.
    One group in particular comes to mind. We would prefer that VirtualU not be open source but we are doing our part to promote Lazarus
and programs made with it. It's a solid fact that none of this would have been possible without Lazarus. If Lazarus didn't exist then neither
would VirtualU exist. That's something that we think about along with how to make VirtualU better and better. Our bottom line is to give the
user and the owner the best possible suite of tools, procedures and coding. Our presently sole programmer has been coding like a madman.
Some of the results have been typically standard and some have been elegant.
    It never stops.

    VirtualU is in a zipped folder named and it can be downloaded from:

    A WordPad file containing instructions and developmental log reports can be downloaded from:

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