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Title: Perfect Lazarus Install
Post by: ynys_pas on September 07, 2021, 10:55:19 pm
Have recently installed lazarus on linux lite which is debian-ubuntu based by downloading the three deb files from sourceforge


using synaptioc to install GNU Debugger (gdb)
then installing the above deb files using sudo dpkg -i *

Lazarus works, using fpc from the command line works and and the retro but lovely fp ide works ie everything compiles.

As to the point of the post, my other attempts at installation using mainly the distros ‘software centre’ or pakage manager have not been entirely successful leading to compile errors: can’t find system file or can’t find CRT or warning did you forget -T?

Lazarus/free pascal is a fantastic asset for linux either for command line utilities or something more gui based but it would be a pity if inexperienced users were put off by unsuccessful installs. So efforts by the community to make the install foolproof would be great.
Title: Re: Perfect Lazarus Install
Post by: MarkMLl on September 07, 2021, 10:59:16 pm
The "did you forget -T" is benign, the FPC developers have had to make some tricky decisions at various times to support multiple versions of linker and that's a side-effect with some combinations. Generally speaking I install the prerequisites as standard Debian packages, then compile FPC and Lazarus from (stable) sources.

Title: Re: Perfect Lazarus Install
Post by: prof7bit on October 02, 2021, 08:20:51 pm
The distro packages are notoriously outdated / incomplete / outright wrong. Whenever I meet someone who is trying to (or has already) installed these packages I advise them to completely wipe them from their system, along with every little trace they might have left,

and then:

* Download fpcupdeluxe
* Use the above to install everything from source with one mouse click.
* keep it updated with one mouse click.
* recompile compiler and RTL with debug symbols of needed
* install any cross compiler you might ever want with just a few mouse clicks
* install additional branches without impacting the installed one
* etc.

IMHO this is the one tool you absolutely need. And it also works for your Windows friends.
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