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How can I reuse old Graph.tpu based code?


Dear All,

I have a lot of code written by me along the years and at present I must decide if I rewrite the applications in other programming language (Java/C++) or try to reuse the software.

One of the applications is about 10000 computer code lines and it has a numarical programming branch (tpu) as well as a graphical one, based on the Graph.tpu library.
In order to use the high resolution screens nowadays I need either to use some actual 'bgi'-s (Borland Graphic Interface) , or to convert the code to Free Pascal/Lazarus.

I need professional advise.

Thank you,


The chance is big enough to be recompiled by FPC if the code uses pure Pascal and not assemblers. FPC has its own graph unit that's meant to port graph based Turbo Pascal softwares. But its damn slow, you better port it to LCL for fast access, or OpenGL for faster one.

Could you describe what's your graphical requirement?


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