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Program crashes on 10.5, works on 10.6


Martin V:

I have ported my two editors to Lazarus and published MacOSX versions. See Third party announcements and:

A user which uses Leopard (10.5) reports for both editors:

OS X gives the following error message:

/Applications/ ; exit;
GriffWoodiMac:~ DrPhilGA$
/Applications/ ; exit;dyld: unknown
required load command 0x80000022
Trace/BPT trap

On my 10.6 system, all works fine. Any ideas? What are your test results?


It appears you have compiled the program without 10.5 compatibility!

add a linker option to your project compiler's option:

--- Code: --- -macosx_version_min 10.5

--- End code ---
Of course, your Xcode must be installed with 10.5 support!

added to the wiki


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