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Listaller 0.4beta released!
« on: July 19, 2010, 02:55:06 pm »
I’m very glad to announce the release of Listaller 0.4b! It took over 9 months to complete this release, which is basically the result of a great lack of developers.

Listaller is a cross-distribution application management and software installation tool based on Richard Hughes’ PackageKit. It provides a meta package format which can contain current LOKI and Autopackage setups as well as it is providing a highly flexible way to install software on different distributions needing just one package.
Listaller is written completely in Pascal using the LCL 0.9.30 and should run on all important Linux distributions.

Listaller 0.4b got the following new features since 0.3a:
  • General code cleanup: Most parts of Listaller were rewritten
  • IPK1.0 standard: The package format uses a similar syntax like Debian packages use. The new syntax replaces the old XML-based files which were hard to read.
  • Option to sign IPK packages: Packages can now be signed with GPG by passing the “sign” option to libuild.
  • Completed PackageKit integration: We dropped the previous native package installation solution and ported all parts to PackageKit. (In previous versions Listaller connected directly to APT/Yum/Zypper etc. through an own abstraction layer. Now PackageKit is used instead.)
  • New libInstaller: A library which covers all Listaller functions. This makes it possible to write more advanced frontends in other languages.
  • Removed catalog support: We will do a cooperation with the PAPPI project which will remove the need of a software-store like feature. Also the distributions have very good solutions by their own now. (The LinuxSoftwareStore will use Listaller as engine)
  • Revised graphical surfaces & Qt4 GUIs
  • LZMA compressed IPK packages (makes packages over 20% smaller)
  • PolicyKit support for all Listaller modules
These are only the most important points.
If you want to try Listaller, you can get precompiled binary packages at our download page [4]. The source code is now managed with Git instead of SVN, so you can easily clone the repo if you want to.
We're always looking for new developers helping to improve Listaller. If you want to help, feel free to contact me!
Have fun with the project!

IMPORTANT: This is a beta-release! (You know what this means ;))

[1] Listaller Homepage
[2] Listaller at Launchpad
[3] Bugtracker
[4] Download-Page
[5] Source Repositories


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Re: Listaller 0.4beta released!
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2010, 08:02:40 am »
Another packager for linux? All those I have seen were a kind of... slow and they didn't work as I wanted\expected them to work. And interface really sucks. Your iface looks a bit better on screenshots. Maybe oneday your app will be included in one of linux distributions. I wonder, is it really possible to create RPMs or DEBs with your app?
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Re: Listaller 0.4beta released!
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2010, 10:08:05 pm »
The speed of installations with Listaller depends on the number of dependencies which have to be resolved. PackageKit is (also depending on the backend) a bit slow in doing this. But after the deps are resolved, installations work very fast and database queries take just a few msecs. (Thanks to SQLite!)
In theory it is possible to create RPM and DEB packages from one IPS script. But you have to specify dependencies for each distribution manually. This feature really needs some more love, with the upcoming IPS1.1 specs it might become a lot more stable.
We'll to a cooperation with PAPPI and the Listaller project will likely merge with
So, if we think it's ready it will be included in the distro repos for sure :)


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