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im new here :)

is their a free and basic tutorial for lazarus like schoolfreeware's youtube tutorials on PDF format?
i like to learn lazarus GUI programming part but some location where i go have slow to no internet access so a PDF book is needed

i dont think you can get a tutorial in pdf format, you can try a delphi turial or if you use linux, you can make this

wget - r

and get all lazarus tutorial in html fotmat but in you pc.

those documentation looks like more for experienced users already and the pascal tutorial there doesnt have GUI programming

but i saved them nonetheless for future references

thanks for telling me about wget i just google wget for windows and then successfully got those docs on that site

i just hope their will be more basic GUI tutorials for Lazarus  8)

YouTube search gave me this: and more. ;)

Sorry, I didn't read that you had already know that. :D Why don't you just download them so you can view them offline. I believe there are many youtube video downloader out there.

Taoyue's tutorial might be also use useful. Check out: and

Taoyue only have basic pascal lessons. To start programming GUI with Lazarus, it's necessary to know how we program OOP in Pascal. The wiki pages aren't complete yet regarding this stuff, but any Delphi 7 books will do since we share 95% (5% for Delphi bugs ;)) of the concept. Here are the wiki pages:


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