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OPC client with Lazarus

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--- Quote from: lupus-rain on October 25, 2021, 11:19:56 am ---Found the fault in open62541.pas wrapper: record UA_ConnectionConfig was enhanced 24. Jan. 2020 to

  UA_ConnectionConfig = record
      protocolVersion: UA_UInt32;
      recvBufferSize: UA_UInt32;
      sendBufferSize: UA_UInt32;
      localMaxMessageSize: UA_UInt32; (*  (0 = unbounded) *)
      remoteMaxMessageSize: UA_UInt32;  (*  (0 = unbounded) *)
      localMaxChunkCount: UA_UInt32; (*  (0 = unbounded) *)
      remoteMaxChunkCount: UA_UInt32;  (*  (0 = unbounded) *)

--- End quote ---

Wow, it was really unexpected. I tried to modify the definition of UA_ConnectionConfig synchronously. The problem of reporting an error as soon as the stateCallback executes UA_Client_connect did not happen anymore. Thank you very much.

FYI, I'm trying to build v1.2.2 of the dll under windows (32 bits). I'm facing some problems I exposed on the open62541 mailing list (with no replies so far).
In case you're interesed and/or can help, this is the message:

the problem is that the files (with my modified tool) and types_generated.h (with the stock tool) are different under windows and linux, so I cannot generate consistent bindings that works under both platforms.

@olivluca: can you please also update definition of record UA_ConnectionConfig in as suggested above ...

Hello, can this also be used to connect opc-da?


--- Quote from: denny.chou on November 23, 2021, 10:26:51 am ---Hello, can this also be used to connect opc-da?
--- End quote ---
Normally not, but there are OPC-UA to OPC-DA gateways which allow that.

For direct OPC-DA access you can use something like this:


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