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OPC client with Lazarus

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Hi i want to know if someone developpe an OPC client With Lazarus.

What is OPC?

opc is  device programing on com port or lan port may be plc(programing locig control)
i want to develop it. but i don't know enought freepascal and lazarus programing.
if you use simens plc you can test libnodave components. it has delphi and pascal version. may be it can port for lazarus.

You will find a OPC Client Tool Kit for Delphi and Lazarus at:
It is not free, you have to pay for it.

There is a lot of free Delphi OPC server/client code here:

Maybe with latest COM/DCOM advances in Lazarus, conversion would be possible with some manual effort. Anyway if you decide to try it then I suggest using SVN Laz+FPC versions.


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