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[SOLVED] Problem with threads in DLL



I have a strange problem with threads in DLLs. I am writing plug-in for IM. Specifications:
1. Messenger is written in Delphi 2010 (32 bit)
2. Is installed on Windows 7 64-bit
3. I must compile plug-in into Windows 7 32 bit, because messenger is not able to load 64 bit libraries.

1. From the IM, I'm opening the main form included in the plug (LCL Form).
2. I run a test thread from button in this form

--- Code: ---procedure TTestThread.Execute;
  s: string;
  s := 'test';
--- End code ---
3. Messenger quits without any error, process just disappears

My tests:
1. The same plugin (32 bit) called with test exe applications written in Lazarus (32-bit) working properly on win32 and win64
2. The same plugin (32 bit) running in IM installed on Windows 7 32-bit working properly. The problem is only on 64-bit version of Windows. Procedure Execute is not called;

Someone had a similar problem? I'm stuck.


Lazarus 0.9.29 from svn, 2010-07-07, Revision 26494, Windows 7 32 bit (running on virtualbox)

Problem solved. I had FPC version 2.4.3. I did not know that this is unstable version. On 2.4.0 threads run without any problem.


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