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Lazarus IDE problem in WinXP

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I installed Lazarus, that was rather painless.
Run lazarsu. Icons were black, but we can live with that.
On opening lazarus, it auto starts a new project. Nice.

I run the project.
In runtime, a console window opens and a bit later the applications main form shows.
Close the application to go back into desing time, but wait, you cant because lazarus also closes.

Is this a know issue?

Vincent Snijders:
I know it, but I don't know it cause yet.

It is on my todo-list, but I don't know when it will be fixed.

For the moment I just compile my app with lazarrus and run them in a seperate dos-box or from the win dows explorer.

This issue should be fixed now in CVS.



--- Quote from: "neli" ---This issue should be fixed now in CVS.

--- End quote ---

...should have been fixed....

ie. if I tested correctly, it is now fixed. ;-)


Don't use manifest file to enhance the looks or you get something like black controls.
Hints don't get displayed on the main form, instead they flicker, scrollbars get hidden sometimes and forms are not "working" together, plus lots of other bugs that don't exist in linux.


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