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MySQL Componet ?


Ok, I have the MySQL componets installed.

Now I can put a TMySQLDatabase componet on my form.  I then ented the host and database info and set it to Connected = True.  Then I placed a Dataset componet on the form and set it to refrence the TMySQLDatabase componet and added a "select * from object" and then set it to active.  "object" is a table in this database.

I then get the following error:

DatasetObject: Error fetching row data

What should I have done diffrently?

By the way, I am running Fedora 1 and MySQL 3.23.58

It would also be very helpful if I could find some documantation on using the MySQL componets.

Thx,    Terry


Did you look at this wiki page? After I followed it step by step I was able to connect to MySQL.

That specific web page explains how to access mysql without using the mysql componets.  There is another web page that explains how to use the componets (, ) but it spends most of its space the ver. 4 libraries and just glosses over the ver. 3 libraries.  If you don't use the mysql componets, it doesn't appear to me that you have access to any of the data aware componets.



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