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FBDataSet problem
« on: July 07, 2010, 12:52:57 pm »
I use FBDataSet v1.27 in my program (IDE is BCB6, Database is Firebird 2.0).

I have next structure:
(I useTDataSetProvider and TClientDataSet because I use property MasterSource)

In database is a table Client with columns ID, Name, Phone

My problem is:
Column ID is generated automaticaly(generator in database - is called in trigger on insert event) and must be not null. I can't modify this column manually.
I will add new record to table. So I call on FBDataSet Apend() method and fill column Name. when I will fill next column - column phone, program throws exception, that column ID haven't to be NULL.

I have some questions:
How I should solve this problem?
It is possible to I can first fill all allowed column and then I post all data manually?.

When I tried append new record in IBExpert Firebird IDE), is all OK.

BTW sry for my english....
Thank you for your reply
Regards Zdenek


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