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How to optimise my program


I am new on this forum, and I try to get help to optimise a program i create with informations found in this forum.

I make 2 versions for this program, running on a PNA mappy ItiV3, running on winCE 4.1.

The first one is to test the drawing part(, the second to test the GPS part (

When i see the drawing part performance and compare it with GPS part, i think GPS part can be optimised

I am not familiar of pointers, but i think that is can be change to have good results.

the drawing part


In which way do you want to optimize the program? Make it faster?

Yes, i want to make it faster.

Because if you try the two part, you can see that drawing part is faster than GPS part, so i think this part can be optimised when running with draming part.

I want to show on screen the Hdop and signal quality, but i cannot do it, results are very strange


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